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3 min readJul 27, 2020


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I was a fresh graduate of IIM-Ahmedabad with a job offer in hand for Bain & Company. Life was good. But I had a few months until I had to join. So I decided to dip my toes into the startup ecosystem. Having worked with a few startups and a VC firm earlier, this was something I had always been interested in.

Soon enough, I learned about an internship opportunity at Eximius Ventures — a newly founded venture capital fund — through an alumnus of IIM-A. It was just what I needed to gain more hands-on experience and explore my interests further. I had a couple of calls with founder Pearl Agarwal and the team. After understanding more about the responsibilities involved, I became keen on being a part of the firm. So without much further ado, I started my journey with Eximius.

Working at a new firm brings with itself a few pleasant surprises. As one of the first members of the investment team, I had the opportunity to start off on a clean slate and had the freedom to nurture my own views on several projects. It certainly contributed to the increase in my creativity and enthusiasm while at work.

We were picking up new sectors, developing initial views, and growing Eximius’ approach to conducting due diligence. It was a one of a kind experience making some of the initial contributions to the organization.

However, despite how new or old a company is, one has to work alongside several people, and that requires coordination. Contrary to conventional work environments, Eximius allowed for a healthy balance between independence and support. I had the liberty of deciding my own approach on projects and forming my opinions. I got ownership of several pieces and could drive a lot of the analysis.

I felt like my ideas were always sought and valued. At the same time, I received adequate guidance in outlining priorities, and gained feedback whenever I faced a roadblock.

But it was not all smooth sailing. COVID-19 led us all to explore newer and more challenging channels of traversing as a team. The entire internship was work-from-home. This meant that the flow of ideas and discussions could not happen as frequently and easily as we would have liked. Yet surprisingly, we glided through the time by adopting a rhythmic manner of planning our workloads and setting dedicated times to discuss ideas and exchange views.

All of our research and analysis at Eximius was driven by a precedence to industries such as EdTech, HealthTech, B2B SaaS, DroneTech and more. My internship placed a key focus on EdTech and DroneTech, and it was a thoroughly enriching journey getting involved in it. I understood structural trends and also had the opportunity of speaking to founders for more valuable insights.

My interest in these industries has grown after interning at Eximius. EdTech and DroneTech are at a fascinating phase, and the next few years are likely to see a number of noteworthy and exciting developments, which I will keenly follow long after finishing my internship.

All in all, I truly enjoyed my time at Eximius. I immersed myself in a variety of projects. The team was proactive in ensuring that I got to work on different types of projects (industry analysis, due diligence of specific startups, founder calls, etc.), in providing feedback, and in designing a mutually beneficial internship.

Even though I was an intern, it felt like I was a full-time team member and was given opportunities to make meaningful and lasting contributions.

Written by Purav Shah. Edited by Anureet Kaur.

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