Today, there are more founders and startups than say a decade ago, but still only about 8% of them secure institutional funding. While several factors can affect this, there’s much more that startups can do to leave no stone unturned from their end.

After speaking to over 1,000 early-stage startups, we identified deeper nuances which a sizable percentage of founders often oversee. Here’s a list we put together with the aim of helping founders looking to raise funds:

Hard Skill-Driven:

This part focuses on what founders should communicate about the business during the pitch.

The raison…

The COVID-19 pandemic has coerced the edtech space to evolve rapidly. Now, experts are estimating the market to grow between $10B to $16B by 2025. However, ~$4.5B of VC funding has already been poured into a $1.5B edtech market. While this is encouraging for newer edtech founders and investors, both need to analyze and understand the future of edtech to make better informed decisions.

After surveying 400+ users in our 3-month long research on edtech, we identified three key trends that would define the “new normal” for edtech in a post COVID world:

K-12 vs. Beyond K-12
School-going children require more…

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Until recently, India did not have a ‘gaming community’ as such. Yes, there were online games popular among youngsters, but barring a few hardcore gamers, the general junta had no clue about Steam or Call of Duty. And then PUBG happened. The whole nation was hooked. And the pandemic only egged on the growth of these online games, which people started playing for monetary stakes. Welcome to the world of Real Money Gaming (RMG) that involves playing any sport or skill-based game online for a cash-prize wager.

Is it Legal in India?
This is a much-debated question. In India, chance-based gambling…

Indian Edtech: Everyone’s Teaching but Who’s Learning?

Whiz kids have been putting all their traditional education to use and disrupting classrooms as we knew it, with innovative new services. But where is all this leading to? Smart learning for the nexgen or online chaos?

From the venerated gurukul to a congregation under a tree to high-tech classroom and apps, if there is one sector that has gone all high-tech in India, it is the education sector. Education technology (Edtech), estimated to be worth $1.96 billion at the moment (according to a KPMG Report), has seen five phases of growth in…

Over the course of the past one year at Eximius, we have received over a thousand pitches from startups. Like any other VC, we find only one game changer among every 100 startups. However, being a micro VC means spotting hidden gems who are still in their nascent stage.


At Eximius, our investment team is always on the lookout for innovative and high-potential startups. For those who aren’t familiar with the inner workings of a VC, we evaluate and source these startups after weeks of research.

This often leads to discovering startups that tick off every criteria on our checklist…

Over the last year, our team has seen over a 1,000 pitch decks and met over a 100 startups. After sifting through thousands of fundraising materials, we realized that founders can explain their product well, but often don’t provide key items required by a VC firm to make an investment decision.

Below are the 8 factors that a founder should include in his/her pitch to get funded quickly:

Are you passionate about what you’re doing? Who makes your team? Are you able to convince superior talent to join you? …

With the growing engagement of almost half a billion online gamers in India, estimates show that the online gaming industry is bound to reach a billion dollars in terms of revenue in the foreseeable future, consequently ranking India as one of the top 10 markets globally. This indicates huge prospects for entrepreneurship, employment and a strong collaboration between technology and innovation. As this industry picks up momentum in digitization, regulating the industry remains a top priority for the government and industry stalwarts.

The industry identifies the need to have a harmonized regulatory system which applies to all online gaming stakeholders…

Image credit: Johnson Wang

Having a dream gives you a purpose to grind. While it is enough on most days to sustain your productivity, some days are harder. There comes a point in an entrepreneur’s journey where he/she feels overwhelmed, demotivated, or unsure about the next step. The problem exists even for founders who have sufficient resources, an experienced team and the desired startup venture capital. Moreover, it is cited as one of the top 20 reasons a startup fails. While passion, determination and grit have immense power, they alone are not enough for continuous effort. …

Credit: Glenn Carstens Peters

Disclaimer: This research note is an analysis of information available in the public domain and is purely informative in nature. No part of this document is to be construed as legal advice or legal opinion.

As a flourishing market, the domestic outlook of online gaming shows potential to establish a lasting impact as an industry. Online gaming, both as a sector and as an industry, appears to promise great opportunities not just to users/players but to entrepreneurs and content creators alike. …

Two heads (or more) are often better than one, especially in work environments. Entrepreneurs all over the world prefer to team up with someone rather than to ride solo — especially before they decide to take their startup to the next level and scale up. A 2015 study on venture capital consulting conducted by The Rotman School of Management demonstrated that a new venture is more likely to succeed if its founder builds a bigger and more experienced team.

Similarly, entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in Indian startups are eager to understand a team’s ability to use their combined…

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